HMUG Membership Application

To Join: Please fill out the following application, print it and send with payment. This is not an electronic form: Please print and send with your payment via "snail mail."

First Name Last Name Address (Street or P.O. Box) City State 9-Digit Zip Code

E-Mail Address: Home e-mail Work e-mail

Phone Numbers: Area Code Home Phone. Area Code Work Phone. Area Code Fax.

I like to be contacted (via e-mail or phone) regarding short notice events.

After the form is completed, please:

→ Verify that the data on the form are correct
→ Print this form
→ Enclose check made payable to Huntsville Macinitosh Users Group and send to:
The Huntsville Macintosh Users Group c/o Linda Tinker 24895 Charleston Pl. Athens, AL 35613